Everybody Has A Role On This Island

         I have never been hit so hard that I heard white noise. You always see it in film but never have I experienced this in real life. A family brawl has ensued once again and I was in the middle of it, if not the cause of it. Rooms were damaged and people bruised, cut, and bleeding but I got what I wanted, right?  My brother was taught his ‘lesson’, right? I’m not so sure anymore.
Injury Check
    • A gash in the mouth, typical
    • A bruise on the hand, that’s new
    • A bruise on the pinky toe [ Sidenote: Write apology letter to pinky toe because ramming it into a box of immovable ceramics is not cute ]
    • A bruise in one’s faith, once again
         I was lucky enough to find my mother idling by in her car before returning to agenda for the day. As natural as I can deem it, my mane was fiery and wild and an illustrious depiction of the rage I was feeling when in search for her. She came in and reprimanded us one by one until her arrow of blame finally pointed to me. And this is the part of the story where I cried. I don’t cry often because it makes me feel incredulously weak but at this moment, I drowned out my mother and thought “Jesus wouldn’t want this.”
         After breaking one more valuable, I sat on our 20 year old treadmill and wept, apologizing to the Lord for all of my fury, and physical detriments, and especially my mouth. I haven’t cursed like that in a….very long time. So many words naturally rolled off the tongue in the fit of my rage, yet it only nullified my brother as I locked on to his eyes like a wild animal. I reflected on why I was so upset and maybe this may find its way to a decent explanation: No one in my house knows how to discipline correctly…appropriately? I’m tired of taking the responsibility stick and not being able to wield it when a fight breaks out, when I’m supposedly “in charge”. In comparison, it’s also heartbreaking to know that my mother’s version of discipline is dished out with a simple tagline, “I’ll tell your father when he comes home.”- Who would ever want to come home after a long day of work to only execute discipline, much less, delegate the consequences of a situation one doesn’t understand? My father is getting old and cannot handle every situation with grace as the ideal father would. Who is going to raise these young men when my parents are away for half day’s time? The pressure of this responsibility is only visible to me…
…and I do not want it anymore.

Oblivion Review

The Simone Mindset:

Oblivion was a fantastic movie. Once halfway through it, I started to realize it was one of those movies that made you think about life. More in the miscellaneous category though other genres applied to it as well. THE MOVIE IS ONE THAT LASTS FOREVER such as Lord of the rings or Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. It was a bit confusing and the storyline was so animated that the plot didn’t seem to make any sense in the beginning. However no matter the plot or however it seemed, it was a great movie that, personally, I think is worth watching.  I’ll give it an four out of five Sim points. The idea of the story in general was complex and well done and enjoyable to watch develop and let the mind wander in curiosity trying to find the true meaning of the movie. Sitting in a comfortable chair in Theater Homeostasis was the perfect time to unwind your mindset and easily think of what possibilities the movie had to offer. I don’t think you understand how hard it is to no give away any spoilers but I think I’ve done well .  Few words, complex, flabbergasting, though mind juggling all at once.

Leah’s mindset:

The movie could’ve been better but hey, what do I know. Im a 9th grade girl still expecting a significant other in high school (how sad). Now, im standing outside the theater in the cold trying to look cool by myself with a satchel, a blue powerade, ¾ s of a medium sized popcorn left, and a macbook pro. In my mind right now, I’m telling myself to not sneeze so people who aren’t aware of what it feels like sitting in around fifty degree weather automatically assume I’m a fool for sitting outside in such times. Oh, Texas, why do you have to be so cruel! Doesn’t that show some immaturity.  My hands are like freezing on the keyboard. You know when people make new years resolutions and say that “that” year they’re going to change, that’s NOT me. I’ll probably be doing this stuff 20 years from now. OH! This was my first time going to the theater by myself which really made me feel independent. It was actually pretty impressive if I do say so myself. I think I deserve an award. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Feels Good. My confidants weren’t able to come to the theater with me plus there’s drama going on with them SO I went by myself to go see Oblivion in which I probably only went just for Tom Cruise but still. I’m happy, proud, and it was an experience. Maybe something to cross off the bucket list. Let’s just say I walked from the high school down the street (so tempted not to Jaywalk), and then I saw my teacher, Dudley (band director), beep beeped at me……NONO!! HE DIDN’T CUSS ME OUT! He honked at me in his little red car. There, happy? I walked in to get my ticket and It wasn’t until I went into the restroom that I realized how NEEEEEERRRSSSTY I looked.  I was sweaty, it was a zillion degrees hotter (bipolar Texas), the wind tousled my hair around. I literally looked like a hipster teenage semi-hobo drunkleredstersim (gibberish) person. Yeah. I looked crazy. I guess it was part of the “experience”